7 Ways to find the right IT Solution for your company

            Do you know the health of your technology department? Do you know for sure your data is protected and things are running smoothly? When it comes to technology are you always putting out fires, or is everything taken care of and thought out ahead of time? If you don’t know how your company’s data is being backed up and protected, you have a huge problem! You may need to explore your options and look into an outside solution.

            Finding a computer services company has not only become a necessary trend in the business world, it saves valuable time and money. However, with something as important as your company’s data finding the right company is vital. Here are seven things to look for when selecting an IT services provider.

  1. A growing company. Look at not only how long the company has been in business, but whether or not the business been growing over time. Having many years experience is great, but what you really want to see is a growing company, even if they has less years in business.
  1. Current client satisfaction. Ask for recommendations, you will find out a lot about a company based on how their clients view them.
  1. Security Protocols. Find out what their security and backup protocols are, how are they protecting your data and keeping your information secure? A good company should have safety measures in place, and have no problems explaining how they will protect your data.
  1. Size of the company. Are they able to handle what your IT needs are, do they have enough employees/time to keep up on your needs?
  1. Pricing. Look at their price structure, is it fixed or variable. Is there something that fits well within your budget and needs?
  1. Service Plan. What kind of service plan do they provide?  Is it break fix, block of hours per month or fixed cost?  Is it tiered or one plan only?  Is there an ‘Onboarding’ process so the consultant knows your environment before making suggestions and supporting?  Is there a strategy (action plan) put in place to support you network?
  1. Integrity. The fact is you are putting a lot of trust into this company to take care of your technology needs, looking for a company with honesty and integrity as cornerstones is important. You really won’t be able to judge this without actually meeting with the company leaders and getting a feeling of how they work.

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