DIY Remove PC Defender Plus / Rogue Antivirus

What is PC Defender Plus? PC Defender Plus is one of the more deceptive malware programs floating around; it looks like a legitimate program at first glance and can easily be mistaken for a non-threatening download. PC Defender Plus delivers pop-up message incessantly when a user attempts to access the Internet. If you get a … Continue reading

DIY Removing Progressive Protection / Rogue Antivirus

System Progressive Protection will find “fake” virus infectons with the sole intent of getting your money. It also disables the Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor which will block you from running programs that could remove System Progressive Protection. What is System Progressive Protection? This sneaky virus pops up like a virus protection program, warning … Continue reading

DIY Remove a Resident Virus

What is a Resident Virus? Resident viruses are among the most common type of computer virus. They embed themselves in the RAM (random access memory) of your computer, and spread throughout the machine each time a certain function is performed. For instance, a resident virus may be activated each time a particular file is opened … Continue reading

DIY Remove a Polymorphic Virus

What is a Polymorphic Virus? A Polymorphic virus is among the most difficult to eviscerate, because it is designed to constantly change itself and its encryption to evade security programs. As its name suggests, this type of virus morphs – in fact, it alters itself each time it replicates itself on the same machine. For … Continue reading

DIY Remove a Zeus Trojan Virus

What Is Zeus Trojan Virus? The Zeus Trojan virus is one of the most dangerous viruses, because it strives to compromise your banking data and other confidential information. The virus can infect a computer via email attachment or download. Once the user clicks on an infected file link or download, Zeus Trojan virus installs malicious … Continue reading

DIY Remove a Boot Sector Virus

What is a Boot Sector Virus? A boot sector virus infects the boot sector on your computer, which is what helps your operating system boot up. When the virus infects your boot sector, or the Master Boot Record (MBR), it adds its own codes and commands to the sector. This type of virus is often … Continue reading

DIY Remove Spyware / Adware / Malware

How do I stop Spyware? Spyware can be avoided in part by carefully reading the end user agreements on all downloaded software. These terms and conditions reveal any spyware software that will be added to your machine, though it may be buried in the fine print. Take special care when downloading optional add-ons for software … Continue reading

DIY Remove a Computer Worm / Spyware / Malware

What is a Computer Worm? The goal of a computer worm is to replicate itself in order to spread to more computers, often machines on the same network. Worms can be spread via email, instant messaging, or peer-to-peer networks such as music sharing websites. Once on a computer, a worm doesn’t need to attach itself … Continue reading

DIY Trojan / Spyware / Malware Removal Guide

What is a Trojan? Trojan horse viruses don’t insert themselves into a file on your computer like some viruses, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. Quite the contrary, Trojans present themselves as legitimate applications, such as games or toolbars, when their real motive is to hack into your computer. Once you download a Trojan program … Continue reading

Speed Test

ARE YOU GETTING THE CONNECTION THAT YOUR PAYING FOR? is a free broadband connection analysis [swf], 350, 200[/swf] At the end of each test, users are presented with their download (the speed of data from the server to their computer) and upload (the speed of sending data from the user’s computer to the server) … Continue reading

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