How to use FTP to upload

Getting Your Website Out There Once you’ve produced your website, got a Host, registered a Domain Name, you need to transfer your site files on to your webspace (host’s server) so people can at last view your wonderful offering. This procedure is called ‘uploading’ your website, and involves the transfer of files via FTP. The … Continue reading

Search Engines & Resources

Search Engine Links Add your URL to Google Keywords: Add URL Google Auto import search Engines Alexa Web Search Description: Alexa web search — a new kind of search engine. With traffic rankings, user reviews and other information about sites, Alexa is a web site discovery tool. Alexa web search combines the powerful … Continue reading

Three key components of a website

Three basic functions are all you need to get a website up and running on the World Wide Web. First, you’ll need an actual ‘Website’.. most commonly this would include any communication media that can be read and/or interacted with via a Web Browser. A simple example could be a series ‘hyper-linked’ web pages with … Continue reading

How To Get your own website

Let us build the website for you the fundamentals: Website Preparation & Planning Navigation & Information Structures Domain Names Hosting Web Technologies Content Management Systems Website Maintenance Search Engines Usability & Accessibility But Why Get a Website? A good question, and one many people rightly ask. So, before we even begin looking at the practical … Continue reading

Promoting Your Website

Letting People Know Okay, so now you’ve just uploaded your website to the World Wide Web and it is ready to be viewed. The problem is.. nobody knows it’s there! You’d better start promoting it then? There are many ways to promote your website, some cost money, and some are free. For a start, from … Continue reading

Web Terminology

 A Accessibility – A process in which a website is developed to allow the widest possible access to the content therein, regardless of the website visitor’s ability/disability. Accessibility guides include WAI WCAG and Section 508. ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Broadband Internet connection who’s download and upload speeds differ. Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript And … Continue reading

Web Technologies

Introduction This page is here to outline the different kinds of technologies available to you on the web, what they do, and how you might best make use of them. HTML/XHTML Over the years Web Technologies have continued to develop so that now, virtually any type of audio-visual media can be ‘carried’ via the Internet. … Continue reading

Need a website but not sure what you need?

Let us build the website for you Before even considering the practical aspects of creating a website, there are some important fundamental questions you need to ask yourself first. For example, what do we want to achieve through this website, and who exactly is this website for? Who’s our target audience, and how do we … Continue reading

DIY Remove a Virus / Spyware

How do I remove a virus? Follow the Free tips below.   Option 1: Manually Delete the Virus If you know the name of the virus, you should be able to delete it manually in Safe Mode. To get rid of the virus: 1. Back up any important documents or data. Just in case something … Continue reading

Get your Business online Today!

Get Your Site Up and Running With 6 Simple Steps 1. Choose a domain name. ex. 2. Choose a custom email address. i.e. 3. Describe your business, products, and services. 4. Describe how you would like your site to look and feel. 5. We will design your site and once it has your … Continue reading

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