Free Articles and Tutorials on PC Repair and Maintenance

Check out our assortment of free DIY computer repair articles that includes a wide range of topics relating to computer repairs. These articles are intended to enhance your knowledge and help you in your everyday career as a PC tech professional. Even if you are not a PC tech professional, these various DIY PC repair … Continue reading

Add email account on Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the latest email client from Microsoft and is meant to replace two older programs – Outlook Express and Windows Mail Vista. The company has announced the discontinuation of the development and support for the two older email clients and recommends all users download and install Windows Live Mail. This feature packed … Continue reading

Outlook 2007 slow with POP3/IMAP

When using Outlook 2007 with POP3/IMAP, the download, or synchronization, of email might be slow. This is due to an architectural change in the Personal Folder (PST) or Offline Folders (OST).   Symptoms: Outlook 2007 responds slowly when you are composing or replying to an e-mail message. It takes a long time to move an … Continue reading

Outlook 2007 Setup

To setup your Microsoft Outlook 2007 to access your POP3 Email Account: 1. Open Outlook 2007. If the Account Creation Wizard opens, click Cancel and return to the main Outlook screen. 2. At the top of the Outlook screen, select Tools, Select Account Settings 3. Select the E-mail tab. Click New. 4.At the bottom of … Continue reading

Outlook 2003 Setup

To setup your Mircosoft Outlook 2003 to access your POP3 Email Account: 1. In Outlook, select Tools then select E-mail Accounts. 2. Click the Add a new e-mail account button, click Next. 3. Select POP3 and click Next. 4. In the Internet E-mail Setting window, enter the following information: User Information Your Name – This … Continue reading

Create an Outlook Express Account

Start Outlook Express > Go to the Tools menu > Click Accounts > Click Add and then select Mail Add Your Display Name Click Next Add your email address Click Next Enter your Email-server Names POP3: SMTP: Enter your complete email address for Account Name Enter your Password Check the box for Remember … Continue reading

7 Ways to find the right IT Solution for your company

            Do you know the health of your technology department? Do you know for sure your data is protected and things are running smoothly? When it comes to technology are you always putting out fires, or is everything taken care of and thought out ahead of time? If you don’t know … Continue reading

FAQ About Websites

Every Site is differnt. There are so many variances in preferences, needs, and budgets. Let us discuss your particular website needs for an exact quote. At Hacks Repair we know that a website is a living, breathing entity that needs to focus solely on what you are trying to convey to your viewers. It should … Continue reading

DIY How To Update Drivers

A computer driver or device driver is a type of software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or other devices. Without drivers your computer won’t be able to properly communicate with devices such as webcams or printers. Drivers are required for your computer to talk to different devices, such as printers, video cards, … Continue reading

How to use FTP to upload

Getting Your Website Out There Once you’ve produced your website, got a Host, registered a Domain Name, you need to transfer your site files on to your webspace (host’s server) so people can at last view your wonderful offering. This procedure is called ‘uploading’ your website, and involves the transfer of files via FTP. The … Continue reading

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