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Every Site is differnt. There are so many variances in preferences, needs, and
budgets. Let us discuss your particular website needs for an exact quote.

At Hacks Repair we know that a website is a living, breathing entity that needs to focus solely on what you are trying to convey to your viewers.

It should be more than just pictures and text. A website should be a visual experience that will draw your viewers’ attention. We understand this very important marketing principle. We are an award winning web design company striving to excel in cutting edge web design.
Prepackaged sites with the ‘one size fits all’ mentality are not what you will find here with our designers. We custom design each site, bringing to life that special web presence that is uniquely yours. So give us a call and let’s get


Designing Your Website to Visually Maximize Your Web

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Simple steps to get you on your way

Here are some frequently asked questions…

  1. How do I get a domain name ?
  2. What is the process of getting a website ?
  3. How much does a website cost?
  4. What methods of payment do you accept ?
  5. Do I need a computer to have a website ?
  6. Where will my website be located (hosted) ?
  7. What about updating my website ?
  8. Do we need to meet in person ?
  9. What is a browser ?
  10. What is a search engine ?
  11. Will my website be placed high in the search engine listings ?
  12. Will I be able to see how many people visit my site ?


How do I get a domain name ?

Your domain name is like a street address. That’s
what everyone will use to find your webpage. Getting the
right domain name is imperative and a bit challenging
because your first choice may already be taken. That’s
why it’s good to jot down 5 or 10 ideas. Make sure your
“domain name” is short and catchy. It should be easy to
read when printed and it should also be easy to remember
when seen in an advertisement. If possible, as part of
the domain name, it should have the main key word that
would be used to search to find a website like yours.
The cost of getting a domain name depends on where you
get it. The average cost for a standard .com is $10.00
per year. We do offer extensions such as .tv for $50.00
per year.

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What is the process of
getting a website ?

Before you get started, you may wish to look at other
some of our other websites in order to get an idea of
what styles you like. With your target audience in mind,
think about what information is most important to have
on your website. Think about colors, content, a logo,
and photographs that you would like to include. If you
are unsure about all that, don’t worry. We will help you
through the entire process. Contact me by email, or
telephone (615) 388-7946, so that we can discuss the
ideas you have about how you would like your new website
to look. At that time we can discuss hosting, layout and
what pages you would like to include (i.e. ‘About our
company”, “Our products and services”, etc…).

After we have a general idea of what your website
will consist of, we will be able to provide you with an
estimate of what the cost will be. The best possible
method for providing graphics is to supply computer
images (i.e. jpg, gif, png). If you don’t have computer
images — brochures, photographs and other printed
material will be fine. These items can be scanned
achieving good quality. Sometimes regular photos just
don’t cut the mustard, so we do offer professional photo
stock images. We will match your content to our photo
stock or to what ever specifications you have in mind.
We also offer specialized graphic art for whatever your
website needs may be. If you are in need of a logo
design, contact us for details. Logo designs, graphic
arts, and professional photo stock are separate fees.

As with images, it is best to provide text in some
sort of computerized format such as Microsoft Word,
Notepad, Microsoft Works, WordPad, or even just through
keying it into an email. This will speed up the process.
CD’s and Jump Drives are acceptable formats. If you do
not have any digital text, you can provide hand written
or printed material but that will slow down the process
and in some cases cost more money for data entry.
Contact us for pricing concerning manual data entry.

Once a contract is signed, one half of the estimated
cost will be due before the work begins. During
the construction process, your website will be uploaded
for preview. We will ask for your comments and/or
changes via email or telephone. The work will continue
until you are completely satisfied. After receiving your
approval and payment for the remaining balance, your
website will be copied to the host of your choice or we
will provide you with one if you so wish.

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How much does a website

Costs vary depending on the size and complexity
of the site. In order to determine what your needs
are please fill out our quick questionnaire located
on the contact page. You may also call (615)
388-7946. After our initial contact, we will be able
to estimate your cost.

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What methods of payment do
you accept ?

We accept personal checks, cash and credit cards via PayPal.

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Do I need a computer to
have a website ?

No. Your website is not stored on your computer. You
will however need a computer connected to the internet
to send and receive email.

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Where will my website be
located (hosted) ?

Most of our clients prefer us to host their websites
on our server. Just as you would rent a hotel room or an
apartment for a certain amount of time, you will “rent”
space from us on a high speed computer known as a
“server” that is connected to the internet 24 hours a
day 7 days a week. Hosting plans are covered under your
maintenance agreements which start as low as $15.00 per

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What about updating my
website ?

You may wish to update or change your website
periodically. We now have two options, self mangement
via our CMS or one of our maintenance plans.

If you prefer the speed and convenience of updating
your site yourself, we now offer this service at $15.00
per month. You will be given a link that looks just as
if you were looking at your site. There is no coding or
knowledge of HTML or CSS needed. There will be small
icons that you simply click on and then edit as if in
Word. But not all aspects of your site can be
managed in this manner. If you have a shopping cart, you
will need to hire Hacks Repair for updates as
shopping carts are very involved with heavy coding.

If you prefer Hacks Repair to handle the
maintenance for you, most of our maintenance packages start
out at $25.00 per month and go up from there, depending
on the amount of time per month that your updates may
take. Website changes that go above the amount of time
that is allotted in your maintenance packages are billed
on an hourly basis of $45 an hour with a one hour

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Do we need to meet in
person ?

No. That’s the beauty of the internet. Everything can
be done through email or telephone. We have clients all
over the country. We will, of course, be happy to meet
with you if you are located in or near the Elizabethtown, KY

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What is a browser ?

Browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla are
common computer programs that allow the user to view,
read, and even hear information on the World Wide Web.

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What is a search engine ?

A search engine is a website where you can type in
words and phrases called “key words” to help you find
what you’re looking for on the Internet. Some popular
search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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Will my website be placed
high in the search engine listings ?

It all depends how much direct competition exists on
the internet. Although there are no guarantees,
everything will be done to optimize your website by
embedding Meta tags and keywords, as well as utilizing
alt tags, headers and placing special wording in
strategic places on your webpage so that you have a good
chance of ranking high in the most popular search
engines. Although fancy flash introductions or “splash
pages” may look pretty, they may prevent your website
from ranking high in the search engines. Since we are a
web design house, we do not market your site. That is up
to you. We will help point you in the right direction in
order to make the most out of your marketing needs.

Click here to see our simple SEO tips that can help
make your site more visible to a greater audience…

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Will I be able to see how
many people visit my site ?

Understandable web site statistics, available online.
These statistics summarize the number of visitors to
your web site, search engine information and more.

only at http://HacksRepair.com

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