Steps To Building a Website

Simple Steps to Get You on Your Way!
Initial Consultation
We’ll meet over the phone or in person to discuss your website needs. We want to get the feel of what your design needs are. So we have provided a design questionnaire found here. Fill that out before we meet to better help us serve you.

First Deposit
To begin the job, we require a deposit.

Page Content for Websites
Websites. You will need to determine how many pages that your new website will need. If you are unsure, talk with us and let us help you come up with a plan. We can help determine how many pages you will need and whether or not you have existing material to fill those pages.

Content for Video
Video Production, Visual FX, Graphic Art, or TV/DVD Editing. You will need to mail us DVD’s of the footage that you would like for us to edit. If there are specific regions that you do not want to show in your final product, you will need to tell us where in the timeline that particular footage appears. Make sure that your source files are in good condition and ready for post production. If you are not sure how to do this, don’t worry, it’s simple and we will walk you through this process.

You will also need to send us the source files of any type of graphic that you would like to appear within your product whether it be your logo or special photos. If you do not have a logo and need one created for you, let us know and we can create one for you. There is an extra fee for logo creations. If you do not have special photos for your products, we are able to supply you with professional photo stock for a separate fee, also.

Providing Website Content
It is best to provide text in some sort of computerized format such as Microsoft Word or even in something as simple as Notepad. This will speed up the process. CDs and Jump Drives (memory sticks, thumb drives, etc…) are acceptable formats. You may also email the text data for your website. If however, you do not have any text on a computer, you can provide hand written or printed material but that will slow down the process and may cost extra in data entry fees.

Artwork (jpg, gif or png format)
The best possible method for providing us graphics is to supply computer images (i.e. jpg, gif, png). This will guarantee the highest quality. If you don’t have computer images — brochures, photographs, and other printed material will work too, but often times a scanned image of printed material may result in a lesser quality image. So please keep this in mind. If you are using a digital camera to capture images for your new site, burn them out to a CD and mail them to us. Make sure to take plenty of pictures at several different angles. Images that look good as an actual photo printed on photo paper sometimes look very different once on the web. Try to get close ups or mid-range pictures as long-range pictures often look too small and it’s hard to see what you are trying to show. Sometimes a close up of half a building is much better visually than a full view picture of that same building.

The first major milestone is design. We will provide a website design in preparation for text and pictures. You will be able to view the design in a staging/test area located on our server.

Construction and Completion of Your Website
Now comes the easy part. Your text and photographs will be arranged on each page. You will be able to view it remotely from your computer. You can email or call in changes and corrections.

Website Optimization
Your website will be optimized in preparation for the search engines.

Final Signoff and Last Deposit
When the website is completely ready to be launched, you will sign it off and the final deposit will be due.

When your video production is complete, you will sign off and the final deposit will be due. We will then mail you your product.

Website Launch!
After receiving the final payment, we will copy your website to the server. We will tweak any final modifications.

Search Engine Submission
Your website will be submitted to the search engines.

Come, find out how a well built website will lead your business down the road of Cyber Success!